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Merinie- The merino beanie

The ORIGINAL merino beanie specifically designed to be worn under a helmet.

Our beanies have been specifically designed to maximise the natural qualities of merino wool without irritating sensitive skin.

Evolving from a practical need to increase comfort for workers wearing hard-hats and helmets, Merinies are a fantastic garment for work or play.

Developed in consultation with industry, the Merinie will improve worker productivity and performance by keeping hard-hats comfortably in place, regulating heat and providing a natural flame-resistant barrier that enhances safety.

Easily embroidered during manufacture, Merinies can be customised with your name or business logo making them both a practical and inexpensive option for comfort and instant brand awareness.

Contact us today and make an instant difference to your workforce.

Merinie – runner-up at 3M Innovation & Safety Awards

Forty Three Off and Merinie, The Merino Beanie has appeared in press articles throughout New Zealand, featuring in The New Zealand Farmers Weekly and magazines such as Safe Guard. Click here to browse all of our press releases.

Workzone Scaffolds

Workzone Scaffolds bought merino hard hat liners for all our staff in May this year. We have had an inclement winter and the guys have raved about the liners. They are lightweight, warm and compliant for use under a hard hat. Greg Barrett at Forty Three Off supplied us with the liners embroidered with our logo which is great branding. They are also a really good gift for clients. The liners are reasonably priced and we will definitely buy more in the future.

Graham Burke
Managing Director
Workzone Scaffolds

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